Curl up on the lovefro sofa….

Well, after almost 15hrs, trying out all the different blog platforms, and creating many user names and passwords, I have finally made ‘wordpress’ my home.  Admittedly I struggled with my new abode, because I prefer the dynamism and the ease of tumblr;  (yes I have a secret blog there too – just been a wee bit shy to shout about it!).  However  after much huffing,  ‘kissing mi teet’ – Jamaican slang for ‘tut’ – I have managed to get  the blog, to look somewhat pleasing to my eye.

I’m hoping that you’ll like my blog too, and that it will be a place you can call home, as and when you pass through. Those are the best relationships right? the no pressure, ‘doesn’t matter how much time passes between us’, we can pick up the conversation like we have never been apart.

That said, ‘fro’s, are our business.

Fro: Puffy growth of hair, intentional or otherwise – The Urban Dictionary.

Yep, you got it: this site is dedicated to loving and caring for the  ’fro’,  in all its fluffy, puffy, gorgeousness,  tamed and twisted,  high and wide.

The other thing we might chat about whilst our curls are drying, are the things that make us beautilicious,  inside and the out.

So come in, slip off your shoes and curl up on the lovefro sofa with a perfectly brewed coffee in hand….uhmmm…where’s my cafetière?

Thoughts Please!

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