What a Malarkey!

You know, this natural hair washing regime, is just such a pain.  So much so that after the last attempt, I found myself praying and asking God to give me a ‘revelation’ (church folks you know what I mean) on what products I should use and a 60 min regime, max!!!   I know many naturals out there are probably laughing at my impossible wish – what with pre-pooing (no, it doesn’t mean emptying your bowls before washing your hair), detangling, this rinse, that rinse – but I live in hope.

Honestly, I’ve been natural six weeks and this ‘washing my hair malarkey’ is getting on my nerves.  I’m like grow, grow, so I don’t have to do these fiddly twists and then worry about shrinkage.  Now some will say, that the longer the hair the more hassle it will be in its natural state.  Nope.  Not for me. You see, I was a long-haired girl – and I know my hair in both its long natural  state and its processed state, and so I am adept at managing it.   Indeed, it has been short once or twice;  I particularly remember one incident – yes incident, when my then hairdresser – the fab Micheal at Salon Revolutions, became a little scissor happy and left me crying for days.  I just could not manage it, and my  present experience puts me back in mind of the that, however, this time I’m not crying  and like a good sport I’ll ‘lovefro’ and carry on.

That said, getting to know my natural hair whilst short is beneficial in that, I can try different products and if I don’t like the look, feel etc, I can just rinse it out really quickly and start again.  In terms of simplifying my regime, I’m getting there.  I spent weeks before my BC, watching you-tube videos, researching the products, understanding the good and the bad of ingredients, curl type, ph-levels – you name it I watched it, read it and could almost write a book on it.   So when I did chop it off,  I already had an idea, of the sort of products I should use, most of which where from America, but which my  gorgeous friend Rachael, blessed me with on her return from States.  Love you girl!

I’m still sifting and sorting through the hoard.  However, what I have realised, is that my hair hates conventional shampoo – even the sulphate free sort.  I am also observing that….yep wait for it….that my hair doesn’t like water based leave-ins or moisturiser’s once it has dried.  My hair shrinks terribly and the curls become less defined.   Can you believe it? maybe I’m wrong, or I am using the wrong type of moisturiser, but after watching and hearing almost all naturals swear by water based moisturiser’s/leave-in’s as the way to go and oil/butter simply to seal, I just can’t understand it.  Maybe I have some sort of alien hair!!!

So the search for the ‘right’ product(s) continue.  I guess what I’m learning is that building a hair regime is not so much about what products suit which type of hair i.e 3a, 3c, 4b, (although it helps) nor is  it about following a ‘set’ method of using and applying products.  Rather, it’s about understanding the principles of caring for curly or kinky hair and adapting them to suit both your hair and lifestyle.   For me less is more.  I hate overdoing anything and I certainly don’t want to walk around with a whole load of gunk on my head – besides, ‘stuff’ is way to expensive.

Anyway, back to my opening paragraph.  I know I was joking about getting some sort of revelation about how to manage my hair, but I tell you what did come to mind the other night: how my hair managed to grow, strong, long and healthy, without all this fandangling. Consider, all my mom used to do was wash my hair with ‘I stress’ a sulphate shampoo,  (remember how your eyes use to sting with that stuff) dry – well slightly too much, and then put vaseline on it and it was fine.  Yep I know knowledge has increased and we don’t want to go back to stinging eyes and dry combing…ouch!…but it was a simple regime.  I figured, if my hair could grow under those circumstances, then surely a simple, all natural, detangling in the shower, modern regime,  my hair would not despise…

3 thoughts on “What a Malarkey!

  1. Yes, Lovefro – go back to the olive oil and Vaseline…we have become too sophisticated and the hair is now rebelling…your hair is simply saying … ‘you want me natural, treat me natural…to hell with the products…’

    ….says me the creamy crack lover!!…

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