Fro Inspiration…nothing to do with hair….totally random I know!!!

Do any of you believe that life speaks to us and confirms much of what we think, see and feel through people and situations? I think it does.  That voice of confirmation is for me God, the one who says yes or no to the decisions I make and at times question.

For example, I was praying and wondering about a decision I had made recently.  I guess I wanted God to confirm that my decision in this instance was right.  As I reasoned with God, I found myself saying,

God, your plans, hopes, dreams and love for me, are greater than I could even imagine. Your dreams and love for me are greater than that which I have for myself,  so why should I fear making a decision in the present, just to avoid the worry of making  a mistake?

I continued,

I can’t let fear grip me and hold me captive to a situation….I cannot fear giving up something, just because I do not know what the future holds….I have to trust the dream that God has for me…

Low and behold, I take a sneak peek at Taren916’s Facebook page and I spot this video.  Coincidence or something/someone greater, confirming that I (we) must live in the present and if  I (we) have tried to make something work, not left a stone un-turned and it’s still not working, then its time to ‘give up’!

Let me know what you think….

Thoughts Please!

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