Frizzless Living….

If your anything like me, you’ll understand the tireless and frustrating pursuit of  frizzless living. I’ve been natural a whole yes wait for it – 3 months,  and  I’ve gone from looking like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards to a brillo pad, all because of frizz.

The joke is, I never ever once contemplated the notion of frizz when I BC.  For some apparent reason I seemed to temporarily forget that I was a black female, with curly afro hair,  that if not tamed, would cause me to go round looking like an unruly lion  most  of the time.  Why ever did I not contemplate the frizz???  Well of course…durrr…its due to the fact that I walked around with poker straight hair for nigh on 25 years, so why would frizz ever enter my head?  So you can imagine (to my surprise) when one day, I decide to put a water based moisturiser on my hair,  leave the house, and bam….I loose half my already short length, and  have the appearance of cotton wool….jeeez’s!!!!… So the quest began…what oh what must I do to combat, the not so attractive dragged through the hedge look?

So here goes…..

Combatting the Frizz

Well, frizzy hair is a problem that many curly, kinky, mixed and fine haired types face, whether they are of African, Caucasian, or Asian descent.

According to top trichologist Philip Kingsley weather is the main reason for frizzy tresses, which detest the humidity and static electricity present in the air.  Outside of  the natural elements, other factors include damaged strands, moisture depletion at the heart of the hair shaft – the cortex and porosity issues.

Often the above is a result of chemical treatments, excessive use of electrical/heated styling aids, poor diet, chlorine or prolonged sun exposure, inadequate wash routine and the mis-use as something as simple as a brush or towel.

To heal damaged hair or replenish moisture levels, try to figure out what might be causing your frizz and cut it out of your routine.  Other than that, ensure that you develop a balanced wash routine, made up of protein to strengthen the hair and moisture to hydrate.

Once your hair is on the road to recovery leave frizz behind by following these simple steps.

  1. Get yourself a good haircut, and avoid styles, which call for razor, or thinning shears, which serve only to exacerbate frizziness.
  2. Develop a gentle cleansing, low-poo cleansing routine, using highly moisturising products.
  3. Avoid washing your hair on a daily basis, unless it’s absolutely necessary, as this strips the hair of its natural oils.
  4. Check the pH levels of your products.  Ensure that they fall somewhere between 4.5 – 5.0, which is similar to the make-up of healthy, balanced hair. Hair which is properly balanced, will lie flat making it smoother, and less frizzy.
  5. Opt for creamy conditioners, with varying consistencies depending on the thickness of your strands.  Fine doesn’t need a thick heavy cream, unless it’s for deep conditioning.
  6. Nourish your hair by applying a deep moisture/conditioning treatment at least once or twice a week.  Where possible, use a heat cap or hooded dryer to accelerate the benefits of the treatment – but a towel wrapped around a plastic cap will do.
  7. Always make your final rinse a cold rinse; as cold as you can get it. This closes the cuticle’s of the hair, locks in moisture and your conditioning agents, eliminates frizz, and gives the appearance of smooth shiny hair.
  8. Never dry your hair with a towel.  This only serves to disturb the curl pattern, awakening the dreaded frizz.  Draw out excess water by gently patting the hair with paper towels or yep, your partners t-shirt; why would you want to use yours?
  9. Add a creamy moisturising cream/lotion/leave-in to your hair,  whilst wet/damp and seal with a butter/oil product.  Add gel or some sort of anti-frizz serum if you wish  (but beware that many anti-frizz products contain silicone’s to smooth the hair.)
  10. Apply products to the hair in sections smoothing down and either twisting, plating, curling or scrunching lightly, leaving hair to air dry. Avoid brushing hair at all costs.
  11. Avoid using heat to dry hair, as the artificial heat it generates sucks moisture from your hair.  If you really must use heat, use a diffuser attachment or better still sit under a hooded dryer.
  12. Make sure hair is fully dry before you attempt to put it up or step outside.
  13. Moisturise hair at night, and sleep with twists or braids.  Cover, cover, cover with a satin scarf/wrap/bonnet.
  14. Keep hair healthy and looking frizzless by trimming regularly, and banishing those dreaded split ends.
  15. Look for products, which contain high moisturising ingredients such as:  vitamin E, Aloe Vera, honey, chamomile, olive oil, jojoba oil and avocado oil
  16. Finally do as I say and not as I do; keep your hands out of your hair!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Frizzless Living….

  1. Don’t think I’ve seen such a thorough post on frizz. Funny thing is, I actually like a certain amount of frizz. I like my hair big and fluffy. Frizz plays an important part in that. I usually prefer my second and third day hair because the first day it’s too neat.

  2. Hi…thanks. I Iike to be thorough, but sometimes, that level of ‘thoroughness’ does slow or interfere with my ability to produce, regular blog posts. Anyway, yes, frizz…I hear you!! I also like a certain amount of frizz, but sometimes as a newbie I often wonder if my hair looks ok with frizz, as I don’t have many people around me rocking fro’s who can advise me. Outside of London, natural hair is still quite niche.

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