Just a quickie….

Hi, my sister who blogs at lollysfitspace.wordpress.com is round, and we’ve been messing about on the mac.  This is what she looks like with Popeye arms:

So, I thought, why don’t I upload a pic of my frizzy hair for all of you to see.  (I just love mac photo booth).  So, this is my fro at 5 1/2 months since BC; (starting out  with about 2 1/2 inches of hair).  I am conscious that I have to show you my hair from the beginning (Sept 11)  and share with you my ‘limited’, ‘erratic’ regime.  At this point  I have at least 3/12 inches of growth.  Its frizzy, un-moisturised (tut-tut), desperately needs a trim (and wash), but I quite like it.  Thinking of having it layered, and maybe a coloured;  what do you think?

4 thoughts on “Just a quickie….

  1. Dare I say that dirty hair is great. It has a certain way about it. But then saying that freshly washed hair has it’s own merits I suppose… If thats five and a half months growth wow! Well done girl.

    • Hi, Valley…we have spoken before but you wouldn’t remember. I was laising for Dr Beckford, to come on your show well Dotun’s a couple years back. Its good to put a pic to the name!!!!
      Yeah…love the look of my unwashed hair..it just gets better and better, bigger and bigger, frizzer and frizzer…but I don’t mind. Length…well to be honest, I have quick growing hair…so its not really anything I am doing…it just grows…but thanks for commenting…

      So how your hair journey? how are you finding this blogging lark?

      • What a small world. Good to know you even if it was only by phone/email.

        Yeah your hair looks great.

        I didn’t know I would enjoy this but I do, it’s almost like an addiction, if I see something that would make for an article I can’t resist doing a post, even though I have so little time.

        How long have you been blogging?

  2. Yeah, it is a small world. I absolutely ‘love’ Dotun’s show…Do you still produce it? I’m also partial, to Eddie Nestor, particularly the Rum Shop…Is that show still on Air?

    Addicted hey? I guess thats the journalist, in you; a keen eye for what makes a good story! Me? Well, I’ve been blogging on and off for about a year. I started on Tumblr (I love the platform) but, often felt my writing was to serious for Tumblr, and maybe geared towards an older audience (always felt like Tumblr was full of ‘teeny boppers’) so switched to WordPress. I’ve only been blogging about hair since October though – not that I do much of it!!!!.

    Well, I’m glad I have come across someone else, who I suspect, ‘is beyond 25’ but do correct me if I’m wrong 🙂

    Good speaking…

    Maybe we’ll meet in person one day…

    Your hair is gorgeous too….

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