Quick Curls™

This is my first post in ages….and I’m conscious that I have lots to catch up on and comment about in the world of hair and events;  but forgive me;  I just had to talk about my hair (which I don’t often do)  and my experience with Miss Jessie’s  Quick Curls™.

So how has this story come about? Well, I had the fortune or mis-fortune as it seemed at the time, to have my hair styled using Quick Curls™ at the Afro Hair and Beauty show.  If you were there, and spotted me on stage, you would have seen how un-comfortable I actually was, and how cringe-worthy it was having my hair styled pulled and tugged in front of people.  I really don’t know what possessed me to embarrass myself in that way, but I’m the sort of person, who likes to keep her word,  even if I feel like death warmed up – which I did feel like yesterday.

So, I’m on stage and they proceeded to  style my ‘tight curly’ hair with their Quick Curls™ product. This ‘junior’ stylist (and I’m terrible if I think you are a junior stylist) wet it, tore the knots out, used comb on it…all sorts and I’m thinking “you don’t know how to handle black people hair? I hope I have some hair left at the end of it all”.  So I’m trying to whisper to her, and she’s either not hearing or having it and continues styling and drying my hair on the ‘HOTTEST’ setting!!!! She finally gives me a mirror  and I absolutely hated it!

Quick Curls™ made my ‘tight curly’ hair, curly alright;  that limp, kind-of-wet-look curly, that reminded me of the curly perm days.  They asked me openly if I liked it, and me being me, said “no” straight out in front of the crowd, “I want it bigger” – poor Miko and Titi (they both have beautiful hair – although Titi’s seems a little dry because of the peroxide – but I still like it)

So they, very graciously, fluffed it out using the diffuser and I came of stage still hating it and put it straight into a high ponytail.  I just couldn’t bear walking around with those curls – plus the product gave me white bits – apparently because I had another product already on my head.

But, I’m eating my words today.  I pine-appled my hair last night and I took it down today just to see what it was like. Indeed the white bits were still there (need to wash it tomorrow – couldn’t  be bothered today),  but my curls where still intact –  full,  bouncy, and with just enough of the frizz that I like.

My right side….my hair is always thinner on this side

Loving the fullness

From the top

Indeed, after the product was  first applied, my hair was crunchy, today it feels dry,  and the claims about bad ingredients, (although I haven’t really researched it for myself) were/maybe still a little off-putting.   But I really have to be honest and  say, that I actually like the effect on my hair and wait for it…I am seriously thinking of purchasing a tube.  Does that make me a  bad naturalista?

I have yet to try Be-unique’s sample, the Beautiful Textures sample and Mmmm’s deep conditioner ( her hair just looked so soft at the show…and her mum is  lovely)  and I am hoping for similar effect to those in the pictures.  However, if in the meantime, you can recommend a product that will give me the same curly effect,  but with ‘healthy’ ingredients,  then please let me know!!!!

Chow for now,

Lovefro x

4 thoughts on “Quick Curls™

  1. Well you are good. I would have told them to stop tearing out my hair. I think if you apply the product yourself you may see good results. I do think thank prouducts that change the appearance of youe curls will have some chemicals in. I do like the curl definition in your hair though.

    • Hi Melanie….yeah, I think your right about the chemicals aiding curl definition. I guess I don’t have to apply a product to have curls, as my hair is curly when wet. Although I like ‘some’ frizz’ I think I want a product that that will give my curls hold, and minimize, frizz for at least a couple of days.

      You ok though? Did you go to ‘Me Time’?

  2. My heart was with yours as you described the comb being yanked through your hair, and the hot hot hair dryer. Both items of which I no longer use, so yes I will filled with dread with you. But as I read down the page I started to peek at your photo, and I was thinking, i like it, it like it, so was glad when you eventually said the same. I love the way you described the event, I wish I was there to see you. I too would be interested to know if anybody can recommend a healthy alternative. Love the hair, well done for being a brave!

  3. Hi Valley….thanks….yeah…I don’t know if I was brave or stupid really…I’m too ‘old’ for ‘poppy showing’ really. But I guess, I did come away with nice curls in the end. How do you feel about chemicals in products? Its a difficult one, for me cause, I wouldn’t have given a thought to using a chemical product a year ago, on the other hand, I know ‘why’ I shouldn’t use them, but have no strong convictions about not using them (although I haven’t) and that bothers me.

    Whats your view?

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