10 reasons why you should take advantage of the 25% discount today….

10 reasons, why you cannot miss this workshop:

  1. You know you need a  better understanding of  the  UK Natural Hair Market,
  2. You know, you need  greater insight into the Cosmetic and Beauty industry
  3.  Because, you want to know who your ideal customer  is and what drives them
  4. You want to know how to capitalise on the opportunity that is the ‘natural hair market’
  5.  Because, you want to know how to build your business around your goals
  6.  You understand the importance of developing a business that plays to your strengths and not your weakness.
  7.  You want to know how to conduct your own research on a budget
  8.  You want to know  how to formulate questions to glean the ‘right’ information from your customer
  9.  Because, you know that  this workshop has the information that you need
  10. You  want to network with aspiring  entrepreneurs, just like you!
Places are limited…