Long Time No Speak….

Ok, so apart from the odd tweet or a random Facebook ‘like’ indeed, I have been silent for the best part of ten weeks.  I believe the last time I was really ‘present’ was when I was posting and tweeting about the workshop that took place in July, however, a lot has changed since that.
Part of my silence has been due to the fact that two weeks after the workshop (so the beginning of August) I started to feel unwell.  At first I didn’t think it was anything too serious – I am use to feeling under the weather.  However, this time that ‘under the weather feeling’, became slightly more serious, landing me in hospital.
Once again, my plans were on hold and there I was lying in a hospital bed wondering about the next event I was planning: Natural Explosion: PR, Marketing and Social Media Workshop.
Obviously, the event wasn’t going to happen but something else occurred whilst I was lying there laden with pain.  It became really clear, that as much as I had the wonderful support of a trained events manager, a myriad of supportive people, and an interesting ‘stream’ in the world of ‘natural events’,  this aspect of business was just not for me.
I mean, I’m talking in the midst of intravenous morphine, hallucinations and the like,  I really ‘heard’ quite clearly a ‘no’ to events; ooooh spooky….
In reality, I guess it was some sort of ‘divine’ direction – if you believe in that kind of thing.  I figured, maybe I was just off track regarding my original plan and that in the long run events would prove to stressful for me – draining me of the ‘little’ energy I have,  so needed to get the original vision off the ground – Lovefro.
So ten weeks since the euphoria of my first event, I am ready to declare that I will not be building on the first workshop. I had lots of interesting ideas, with pockets of support from the natural hair community, but I have to accept that there is another path for me and I have to focus on that.
I wish to leave you with this thought:
Not every good, feasible idea, works for everyone and that our path in life/business, more often than not, speaks to the core of who we are more than we realise.  As such just because something seems glam or on trend, doesn’t mean ‘one’ is necessarily equipped to fulfil that ‘thing’ no matter how hard ‘one’ tries. Yes, sometimes it is a matter of timing – maybe, in a different time and place, things would  be different, but I’m not always sure that is the case.  I often think that notions like that, often seek to appease or comfort us when something goes askew.
Personally, I prefer to think of setbacks/failure/ defeat or whatever you want to call it, as an opportunity to think a little deeper about what and why something has happened and/or allow that which is divine to guide us.  I believe approaching life in this way, facilitates a greater understanding of self, our own limitations and an opportunity to experience the greatness of our strengths.
I know that many Christians will say, ‘but nothing shall be impossible with God’ just put your mind to it and do it…..but is that what that statement really means? Or does it mean: ‘nothing shall be impossible for you to do, in  the stream, the gifts, the talents that I have placed within you? Choose any path within your strengths; take it as far as you want it to go and ‘nothing shall be impossible for you’……
Put it this way: Will I ever be a space cadet or a mechanical engineer?
Key: locate your gifts, talents, strengths and flow in it….I’ve always loved fashion, art and beauty…oohing and aaaarghing over beautiful things and people….
……and words,  for those that think the above is shallow! 🙂

p.s….oh yeah…the day itself…I almost forgot!

The day itself. 

Our speakers:

Margot Rodway-Brown

A graduate in International Relations, Margot Rodway-Brown fused interests in enterprise and culture to found The Adornment Group.  The group includes the pioneering Adornment Natural Hair, Health & Beauty Expo and the Adornment365 Salon Natural Hair & Beauty Salon which opened in Morleys Department Store, Brixton in 2007. The Group continues to focus on innovating to meet the needs of the growing natural hair & beauty market across Europe.  Recent additions to the portfolio include an extended natural & organic hair range and a nationally accredited training programme for Natural Hair Practitioners to be launched later this year.

Susanne Goller

Has over 16 years of experience in the the field of research.  Having worked as Development Director at MMR Research worldwide and as Divisional Director, at Ipsos MORI, Susanne, is now the Director, of her own company, Optimus Research Services. Given her background, Susanne is well placed to help us understand the importance of market research, as well as how to formulate questions, and employ key research techniques, when planning, our business endeavors.  Along side her day job, Susanne is also the founder, of Xquisite Cosmetics, a new skin care line, designed to harness the power of nature and champion transparency of ingredients.

Jacqueline Laing

Is the founder, and brand architect of both Lovefro Ltd, and The Business of Beauty Workshops. Both companies are in their infancy, however, she is determined to make both businesses, the success they ought to be.  Alongside, planning, thinking and implementing her business ideas, Jacqui continues to develop her other passion – church ministry.  Equipped with a degree in Theology, Jacqui can often be found sharing her knowledge, through teaching, speaking, and inspiring others to be all they were created to be.

What to expect:

The day will start, with registration, and consist of three major presentations, two networking slots, Q & A session, tea, coffee, goody bags, notes and a            light lunch.

Sessions will explore, key facts, statistics, outlook, hint, tips and ideas, all at varying degrees.

*For example:

– What are the key market drivers?

– What does the consumer really want?

– How do consumer view the natural hair market

– What does natural really mean?

– Where is the market heading?

– Capitalising on the opportunity

– How do you know you have a good idea

– Being innovative

– Having the right attitude

– Financial considerations

– Why engage in market research

– How to get the information you need on a budget

– Understanding the different types of research methods

– Open and closed questions

– How to formulate questions to get the best out of your research

*The Programme

11-11.20 Registration

11.20: Welcome

11.30: Ice –Breaker: Sekai Makoni

11.45: Presentation: Market Overview: Jacqueline Laing

12.30: Lunch

1.30: Network Moment

1.40: Presentation: The Opportunity: Margot Rodway-Brown

2.30: Comfort Break

2. 40: Network Moment

2.50: Natural Innovators – The Goody Box UK

3.20: Comfort Break

3.30: The Benefit of Market Research: Why and how? Susanne Goller

4.20:  Question & Answers

5/5.30pm: Close

There will also be an opportunity, during ‘network moment’ for two individuals, (one in each slot) to openly share about their business, for about 10 mins.  So get thinking; you can be as creative as you like, but you only have 10 mins.  Bring your business card, and we’ll pick two out of the hat on the day.

See you on the 14th, click here to purchase, your ticket,


*The above is a guideline only. All sessions, will be delivered at the speakers discretion, and the programme is subject to change at a moments notice.

And finally…

We are eight days, away from The Business of Natural Hair Workshop, and five days from when the 25% discount off the original ticket price ends.

The workshop is a small investment, when compared to what you will gain:

  • An overview of the natural hair market,
  • An understanding of the opportunity,
  • Information that will challenge you assumptions
  • Strategies you can apply
  • Entrepreneurial insight
  • Networking with like-minded people, and more.

So, take the bull by the horns’ or ‘bite the bullet’ as they say, and invest in yourself and your idea.

Remember, this is the last weekend to get your ticket with the 25% discount.

If you still need more information, have a read of the other posts about the event or visit the website: www.thebusinessofnaturalhair.com

Book today to ensure your place…don’t miss out!