Combating Porous Hair….

  • Avoid  products, which contain silicone and/or paraffin, which only serve to coat the hair with a superficial sheen rather than penetrating, restoring strengthening the hair itself.
  • Where possible, look for ph balanced products.
  • Wash and condition your hair  using a keratin/protein based shampoo and conditioner. Protein fills the gaps, smooths and reinforces the cuticle, enabling the hair to hold much-needed moisture.
  • Incase you are protein sensitive (hair dry and brittle after using protein enhanced products), rinse hair with Apple Cider Vinegar and leave on the hair for about 10 mins.  The acidic nature of the ACV  will strengthen, smooth and seal,  (temporarily) the raised cuticle, which when mixed with water, will mimic and coat the hair with a ph level of between 4.5 -5.5) helping to keep much-needed moisture in the hair.
  • Outside of ACV, rinse hair in cold water, and where possible.
  • If you must colour your hair, look for a coloured or clear rinse, which contain protein, and shine enhancers,  without, adding more damage to the hair shaft.
  • Hair products for coloured hair are also useful as they are acidic in their nature, and designed to build and repair over processed, dry and damaged hair, which is what (in the most) porous hair is.