Long Time No Speak….

Ok, so apart from the odd tweet or a random Facebook ‘like’ indeed, I have been silent for the best part of ten weeks.  I believe the last time I was really ‘present’ was when I was posting and tweeting about the workshop that took place in July, however, a lot has changed since that.
Part of my silence has been due to the fact that two weeks after the workshop (so the beginning of August) I started to feel unwell.  At first I didn’t think it was anything too serious – I am use to feeling under the weather.  However, this time that ‘under the weather feeling’, became slightly more serious, landing me in hospital.
Once again, my plans were on hold and there I was lying in a hospital bed wondering about the next event I was planning: Natural Explosion: PR, Marketing and Social Media Workshop.
Obviously, the event wasn’t going to happen but something else occurred whilst I was lying there laden with pain.  It became really clear, that as much as I had the wonderful support of a trained events manager, a myriad of supportive people, and an interesting ‘stream’ in the world of ‘natural events’,  this aspect of business was just not for me.
I mean, I’m talking in the midst of intravenous morphine, hallucinations and the like,  I really ‘heard’ quite clearly a ‘no’ to events; ooooh spooky….
In reality, I guess it was some sort of ‘divine’ direction – if you believe in that kind of thing.  I figured, maybe I was just off track regarding my original plan and that in the long run events would prove to stressful for me – draining me of the ‘little’ energy I have,  so needed to get the original vision off the ground – Lovefro.
So ten weeks since the euphoria of my first event, I am ready to declare that I will not be building on the first workshop. I had lots of interesting ideas, with pockets of support from the natural hair community, but I have to accept that there is another path for me and I have to focus on that.
I wish to leave you with this thought:
Not every good, feasible idea, works for everyone and that our path in life/business, more often than not, speaks to the core of who we are more than we realise.  As such just because something seems glam or on trend, doesn’t mean ‘one’ is necessarily equipped to fulfil that ‘thing’ no matter how hard ‘one’ tries. Yes, sometimes it is a matter of timing – maybe, in a different time and place, things would  be different, but I’m not always sure that is the case.  I often think that notions like that, often seek to appease or comfort us when something goes askew.
Personally, I prefer to think of setbacks/failure/ defeat or whatever you want to call it, as an opportunity to think a little deeper about what and why something has happened and/or allow that which is divine to guide us.  I believe approaching life in this way, facilitates a greater understanding of self, our own limitations and an opportunity to experience the greatness of our strengths.
I know that many Christians will say, ‘but nothing shall be impossible with God’ just put your mind to it and do it…..but is that what that statement really means? Or does it mean: ‘nothing shall be impossible for you to do, in  the stream, the gifts, the talents that I have placed within you? Choose any path within your strengths; take it as far as you want it to go and ‘nothing shall be impossible for you’……
Put it this way: Will I ever be a space cadet or a mechanical engineer?
Key: locate your gifts, talents, strengths and flow in it….I’ve always loved fashion, art and beauty…oohing and aaaarghing over beautiful things and people….
……and words,  for those that think the above is shallow! 🙂