Ok…so I’m putting on an event….

So for those that don’t know, yes Lovefro™ is behind ‘The Business of Natural Hair Workshop™. If you follow me on twitter, or Facebook and/or are a member of some of the well known natural hair forums you will already have seen the write-ups about the event.

However, I felt it was important, with the workshop less than 5 weeks away, to really share my heart about why, I chose to venture into the painstakingly hard, tremendously tedious world of events…again!

So ,The Business of Natural Hair Workshop™? Well to be honest I stumbled onto this event. Friends and family had been saying, that I should put on my own hair event for sometime, especially as every other person was having an event. This wasn’t helped by the fact that I had a super anal, event/project manager at my disposal – namely my sister, but nothing or no one could persuade me.  

I just thought “nah, it’s too much like hard work”, as I had already spent the early party of the Noughties, arranging a monthly inspirational dinner club, for women (with help of course) and I really thought those days were behind me.

Don’t get me wrong, I love talking ‘on purpose (I hate meaningless chit-chat/pleasantries) networking, sharing and inspiring women; I’m born to be your cheerleader. I come into my own when its time to share information or my experience, but I never thought that it would have anything to do with hair.

So, I’m in the throes of collecting data for my hair care brand Lovefo™, when, blow me down, someone decides to ask me to share my research in a workshop setting. I couldn’t believe it. I really didn’t think that anyone would be that interested in my findings or thoughts on what was essentially a personal business matter.

However, the thing that the enquiry did for me was, lift the lid on my thinking. I thought, “you know what, if one person/group could be interested in my findings, how many more people might want some insight into the market? and hence the workshop was born.

Aside from that, and something I have repeated over the last six weeks is that,  actually,  I want to see black entrepreneurs, reclaim the natural hair care market.  You might say to me, boy,  “that’s a ‘mean fete’  how are you going to do that? Well,  little by little, workshop by workshop,  until we come to the conclusion, that nothing is impossible if  we  approach the business from a well researched,  thought-through position.

Oi…but  I thought you hated putting on events? Well yes, on a surface level I do; the emailing, the phone calls, the general admin, the despair as you wonder if its going to work; but on the other hand, the joy of imparting, encouraging, sharing, and seeing others motivated to do their best, be their best, and build on solid foundations, satisfies my soul.